Watcharee’s Thai Sauces

Pad Thai Sauce

Watcharee’s pad Thai Sauce is its most versatile sauce. This pad Thai sauce blends fragrant spices, sweet shallots, and tamarin and it inspired by a recipe for traditional fishing villages east of Bangkok.

Peanut Sauce

Watcharee’s Peanut Sauce is a favorite.  Rich and pure but never over powering, It’s a spicy sidekick of satay a grilled delight of skewered meat or fish found across Southeast Asia.

Yellow Curry Sauce

Watcharee’s Yellow Curry Sauce is a mild curry with origins in India, this beloved
That comfort food, known as Kaeng Kari, is rich in turmeric and cumin.

Green Curry Sauce

Watcharee’s Green Curry Sauce is a Thai favorite served with meat or seafood and vegetables over jasmine rice or vermicelli rice noodle. Serve with pea eggplants, bamboo shoots, holy basil and kaffir lime leaves.

Thai Massaman Curry Sauce

Watcharee’s Massaman Curry Sauce is a rich and pure but never overpowering.  It is bursting with spicy sweetness and a hint of salt and lime.  Use it as a hearty simmer sauce that infuses meat and seafood.