TINY Baking


  • Real food Real science Real fun! Bake itty-bitty pies cupcakes pastries and pizzas using teeny-tiny tools and pans learn why cakes rise eggs get solid and cookies smell delicious baking set fits into an 5 2 x 3 4 x 2 2-Inch tin to easily take to grandma’s house or a sleepover
  • 17-Piece tiny baking set includes storage tin with top rolling pin wee-knife pizza/dough cutter mixing spoon 3 wee-spoons mixing bowl pizza/Pie pan Pie server sheet pan silicone cake & Cupcake molds 2 silicone finger mitts 48-page recipe book recipes require household ingredients not included in this kit
  • 48-Page recipe book explains the science behind the Yum tried and true recipes include explanations of how food chemistry works like how the acid and base in baking powder start a reaction when liquid is added producing gas bubbles to cause the batter to rise
  • 20 enormously delicious recipes easy Teeny frittata vanilla cupcakes double-decker chocolate cake buttercream frosting chocolate chip cook-wees lattice-crust fruit Pie bits O’ bacon quiche deep dish pizza silly little monkey bread Pie and more
  • Perfect for budding food Scientists 8+ years
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Weight .024 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 2.2 in